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Updated: May 13, 2020

Small intimate weddings are something we have been very much wanting to get into for the last year, and now seems like a great time for us to dive in. Some of our favorite benefits of a small wedding are .....

Budget Flexibility- With a smaller guest count, you dont have to budget for catering costs of feeding 200 people, 180 people worth of table settings, or alcohol quantities in the 1,600 drinks range. With a smaller number you can put your pennies toward whatever it is that excites you most. You can SPLURGE on those details. You can buy those top shelf spirits, you can set up that decadent oyster bar, grab those insanely beautiful linens.

Time to Connect with Your Guests- Ive been a guest at many beautiful weddings where I have only had 2 minutes with the bride to grab a quick picture. The weddings are beautiful, fun, everyone is there, and the dance floor is packed, but I have also missed having any real day-of connection with the couple.

Micro Weddings Deserve Memorable Drinks!!

We are still figuring how an elopement beverage service will look, and we would love to hear from you! I want to hear more about why you have chosen or are considering a tiny wedding, even if you arnt looking for a bartender. I know that I am personally drawn to a smaller scale wedding for the idea of simplicity, intimacy and budget, but that I think I would still want to capture all the goodies and extras that you get to forge a large wedding.

As of now, we are envisioning a small pedestal table, with a trey of beautiful bubbly beverages to great your guests before the ceremony, and/or waiting for you after you say your vows. Maybe even extending on to join your tiny wedding at a backyard/ b&b, airbnb reception, elevated with a catered bar and craft cocktails.

I'm serious, reach out! You can all be apart of helping this small business formulate a micro wedding elopement package

We currently are available independently and as a elopement package enhancement with the following wedding professionals:

Elope Mendocino, Vanna, @elopewithvanna,

Stacy Goods Events, Lacy, @stacygoodsfarmandevents

Photos by: Hnyprk, River Meadlock Photography ,
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