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Glamping Weddings Because WE MISS CAMPING SEASON

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

While we enjoy this unprecedented down time, family time, garden time, we cant help but feel the pain of not getting to do our traditional early spring camping adventures this year due to the Covid-19 situation. This a total #firstworldproblem but we are #stillhuman and i allow myself to feel sad about this. I'm going to try to curb this craving by sharing pictures from some of our favorite #glamping #venues, in Mendocino County, perfect for your authentic down to earth wedding, or even just for a weekend getaway. Something about having fun, romantic and unique options for your guests to stay on the property really does it for me! When my good friend was planning her wedding, I felt something very close to sad at thinking about the party having to end, and me having to pack up and Uber away. This might be because we met as dorm mates at Chico State, and so im particularly found of sleep overs (yes I know I am not invited to the bridal suit) but having a venue with at least camping posibilities went high on the list.

More pictures of our bar work at these venues can be found on our saved Instagram "Story"

Bell Valley, Toll House In Mendocino Wine Country Anderson Valley

Lets start with Bell Valley, Toll House Retreat. This amazing venue sprawls out over 600 acres. I always know I can skip the gym when we have a job out here.. we pride ourselves in being down to serve drinks "in alll the places" and this venue is a place people tend to take advantage of this.. I literally always end up jogging at a minimum to get between places that we have bar set ups! We have served champagne toasts up at the ceremony site, awaiting the newly married couple to lead a #loveparade down to the reception area (flute in hand), and we have also done a full cocktail hour up at the knoll, followed by Gigi serving drinks down by the bar. The options are endless and we are your bar service because we are HERE FOR IT! Pro tip: Anderson Valley Brewery can deliver local beer onsite..and you will be 10 minutes from Anderson Valley/ Boonville's best wineries. I recommend you write a half day into your pre-wedding weekend to do a little wine tasting, and pick up cases to share some of the local flavors with your guests!

Top Row: Nataly Zigdon Bottom: Nicholas Klein Photography

Mendocino Grove, Coastal Mendocino County

Their tag line is Camping Made Comfy.. I might add, chic, adorable, fun, convenient, beautiful. Being a local, in high school, this used to be a run-of-the-mill campground (with amazing Mendocino Village and ocean views), and we would often use an old trail to sneak up there and be into no good.. but things have changed. I'm almost thirty now, and they completely re-did the place. Its amazing, I was in awe when I went back out there to a site-visit. The bathrooms are better than most hotels bathrooms (see bathroom approved selfie), the tents all have decks and great decor, the beds are HEATED...and they do weddings and corporate retreats. Pricing options allow for small parties, or for renting the entire place, as well as mid week weddings (BTW we offer discounts for all non-saturday events). There are plenty of spots to get married onsite, but a few couples I have worked with have choosen one of the nearby bluff sites for the official ceremony. If you have guests that for some unknown reason arnt into the glamping situation, the town of Mendocino is only a few minutes away. #mendocinocorporateretreat #campingretreat #mendocinovillage

Top Row: Cassandra Young Photography

Bottom 2 Rows: Melissa Atel

Mendocino Woodlands, Mendocino California Camp Wedding

Mendocino Woodlands is found after driving about twenty minutes down a dirt naturally its our jam. It is a non-profit organized and we are excited to donate 10% of our service fees back to the park in your name-- what a sweet way to start a marriage, right?! Redwoods, cabins, lodges make for a cozy elevated summer camp type vibe. Some less romantic talk is that this venue comes equipt with very helpful amenities like a kitchen, huge fridge, dishwasher and ice this is a conversation for your planner, but I would think this would save a bit of money-- what I do know is it will save you approx. $100-200 on ice, and we can wash the glasses, saving you from additional glass rentals, and the planet from additional plastic. I think these pictures speak for themselves <3

Photography: Meg Cooper Photography

Orrr... Bring the Glamping to any venue

Wayward Glamping, Glamp_Girl is an amazing woman who's company can bring the BEST bell tents to you.

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